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Award Rules

Award Rules



II6CNT – Courage does Not Tremble   



1 - QSOs will start at 3:36am on 24th August 2017 and will end up one year later, at 3:36am on 24th August 2018

2 – Authorised Ham Radio operators will work SSB – CW – RTTY – PKY emission modes only

3 -  QSOs are allowed in all bands from 160-10m

4 – To get the award you have to make just one single QSO with the special callsign II6CNT

5 – The award will be delivered to OM/YL/SWL by email, after receiving a proof of a donation on PayPal or PostePay debit card. Please provide your callsign and email address as reference.

Every week the Award Manager will deliver awards as PDF files to OM/YL/SWL listed in the contributors’ page which will be updated once a week.

6 –QSL cards will not be exchanged

In case of delay during delivery of awards by email, please be patient and visit the NEWS page to be up-to-date. 

When the stronghold of Arquata restoration will get to an end, a commemorative plate will declare that “HAM RADIO OPERATORS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO THE RESTORATION OF THE STRONGHOLD OF ARQUATA DEL TRONTO