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Ham Radio operators for Arquata del Tronto: “Courage does Not Tremble”


The award comes from an idea of I6FDJ Filippo De Renzis, member of our local ARI Radio Club: how to help Arquata del Tronto’s citizens to rebuild their symbol “The Stronghold of Arquata del Tronto” 

We thought to establish a brand-new award entitled “Courage doesn’t quake” (i.e. Coraggio Non Trema, CNT) using a special callsign II6CNT which sounds like the award title in italian. We do hope to catch as many Ham Radio operators and SWLs as possible, from all over the world. Talk about the event in your local Radio Club, share the information to let people get to know about the importance of solidarity. Throughout the event, authorised local Radio Club operators from Ascoli Piceno / San Benedetto del Tronto / Fermo-Porto San Giorgio will be on air in all allowed bands (WARC included) and emission modes. The award programme will last exactly one year, from 3:36am (time of the first earthquake) on 24th August 2017 to 3:36am on 24th August 2018. Call us massively, we do trust your solidarity.

To get the award you only have to look for the special callsign II6CNT and make just one single QSO with it in any emission mode (SSB, CW or Digi). The customised award will be issued in PDF format. It is going to be delivered by email after receiving a proof of a donation, as little as 1 Euro/Dollar is really important. The award will witness your solidarity with the following specimen sentence: “I6FDJ has contributed to rebuild the stronghold of Arquata del Tronto”.

Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts.