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05/02/2018 - Securing buildings affected by earthquakes or hazardsti

October 30th 2018 a year later

One year ago, on October the 30th at 7,40 am, a second  devastating  earthquake of magnitude 6,5  has completely destroyed Arquata del Tronto and all its surrounding boroughs   which  are  part  of  the  same  council  town, this  happened after  a  first earthquake  had  struck  the  same  place on  August  the 24 of the  year before. As a result  of  this  second  earthquake  the  small  hamlet  of Pescara del Tronto today is completely  flattened. For  this  reason in  Pescara del Tronto  on  August  the 24th at 3,36 am  we started  an  initiative to  issue  a  special  certificate known as  “Courage doesn’t tremble”. Therefore  I want  to  thank  all  “radioamateurs”  who  so far have contributed  to  realize  this  project  and  also  to  whom  will  take  part in this in the future. We  are waiting for you.….we are on air all days in all frequencies and modes.


Let your voice being heart.


73’ Filippo i6fdj


Arquata del Tronto, 24/08/2017 at 03:36

CQ, CQ, CQ ... II6CNT ... The Amateurs of the ARI of S. Benedetto del Tronto / Ascoli Piceno / Fermo Porto S. Giorgio start transmissions !!!